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Skillbridge is a great way to sample Financial Services as a career path.  Service Members (including CSP) continue to receive their military pay and benefits from the government while participating in our Skillbridge Fellowships.

To participate in SkillBridge, you must be approved by your military supervisor.  You are also subject to a strict selection process.  Our objective is for you to know by the end of the Fellowship that this is the career for you.  From there, you will have the opportunity to be accepted directly into our Financial Advisor Apprenticeship with salary and benefits when you transition.

A 3-Month Fellowship in Financial Services

Where will you land?

Where will you land?

If you like the idea of helping people live a good financial life and you're not afraid to reach out and talk to them about it, then a career in Financial Services can be extremely rewarding.  In our DoD SkillBridge and CSP-approved fellowship curriculum, you will learn the very basics of protecting and building wealth along with some skills on how to market yourself.  You'll also get a chance to experience the culture of your host firm.

Our program is a 3-month fellowship.  We screen and interview as if we were hiring you, so please allow approximately 3-6 weeks for the selection process prior to acceptance into our fellowship. Once you apply below, we will walk you through the process.

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